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Art is always being enclosed in very limited categories, what would be is we show the side of art that is around you, that human expressions that keep hidden or undervalued by our social system. Lets together open a new era from the world we know as ART. 

How All Started...

Legendart Productions was founded in 2013 by Ana Margarita Curvelo and Ivan Sanchez with the support and collaboration of Jairo Escobar AKA Barry Scobar, Cristian Castillo and Alvaro Perez. The company was created as an Independent Film Company with the main goal of helping the young filmmakers to make their dreams come truth. By the time, the company start to evolve into a more abroad ideal that became helping artist of any field to develop, produce and expose their creations to the world.

In 2014 the company engage the arts field by starting to represent and colsunting artist such as painters: Carlos Chavez, Malu Artiststa Pulgarin and Yako Art. By helping artist to go on with their personal business two more clients endorse us in 2015: Ilona Fiuraskova (Czech jewelry and glass designer) with her company ACID-DESIGNS and Miguel A. Rueda (animator) with his company Aguijon Films.

By the end of 2015 our cofounder Ivan Sanchez left the company to pursue his own path however he left us two documentaries made for Ministry of Cultures in Colombia, in which they work using the name of the company. Ivan left but let us a lot of knowledge and great memories. We as legendart wish him always best and our doors are always welcome for him.

2017 have comes with great things and new motivation we got three new members of the family from Lebanon Alissa Al Assaad Dandashi, from Colombia Victor De Armas and from Italy Martha Hernandez, from USA Chaya Reich who have been committed to make this company a good option for any artist without seeing age, race, religion or nationality.

Finally, we consider ourselves an open brand, who welcome any project and people to be part of us, there is no way to growth without the help of others and as founder I consider life and business have to be a winning game for everyone. Is our policy to give creative freedom, unconditional support and not conditions of any kind. Complementary; Cooperation, Transparency, Understanding and Communication are key elements of our way to work and Legendart is here as a dream machine to help the world of art in its new renascence


The Squad

Legendart Team is formed in the premise of service by a solid,   multidisciplinary, credited  and responsible group of friends with years of experience in their fields, who are committed to serve your purpose of building  a strong structure for your career, brand or projects.


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